An appointment with a GP can only be booked once you have spoken to our reception staff. The reception team will ask questions to help establish the best health care professional for you to see. Reception staff are trained to ask certain questions in order to ensure that you receive the most appropriate medical care, from the most appropriate health professional at the most appropriate time. Any information given by you is treated strictly confidential. The practice would take any breach of confidentiality very seriously.

The GP/ANP will call you back to triage your call to determin if you need a face to face appointment.

Reception staff may direct the patient to other services who can help, eye problems - optician or pharmacy.  Please see below guidance on what can be seen by the pharmacist.


NHS Pharmacy First Scotland (NHS PFS) is a consultation service designed to encourage the public to visit their community pharmacy as the first port of call for all minor illnesses and common clinical conditions. It is available in every Community Pharmacy in Scotland and replaces the Minor Ailments Service.

Pharmacy First Scotland

Follow up appointments

If the GP/ANP asks you to make a follow up appointment either in person or by letter you can contact reception and they will book you in for a GP/ANP appointment or add you for a triage telephone call.


Jane our Advanced Nurse Practitioner who is highly qualified and experienced. Jane has completed an advanced nursing degree and undertaken extra training in order to provide quality health care.

The Nurse Practitioner’s role includes –

  • Assessing, diagnosing and managing both acute and chronic illness
  • Ordering and interpreting any necessary investigations
  • Safe and appropriate prescribing of medications or treatments
  • Providing health education and promotion
  • Making any necessary referrals to other health care providers

What the Nurse Practitioner can deal with

Some examples,

Skin problems or rashes Chest infections Breathlessness Conjunctivitis, sticky eyes, stye Vomiting Diarrhoea or constipation Urine infections or cystitis Shingles Dizziness or headaches Vaginal Thrush/soreness/discharge Acute back pain or joint sprains Oral Thrush Tonsillitis

Sexual health advice Change of contraception pill or method Breast lumps

Coughs, sore throats, earache, swollen glands, sinusitis and flu-like illnesses often resolve within a week with home treatment and over the counter medicines from the Pharmacy. It is not unusual for a cough to last for 3-4 weeks after your cold/flu symptoms have gone.

Nurse practitioners will not prescribe very strong pain killers or sleeping tablets and will not see patients with mental health problems as they are not trained in this area. If your health problem is very complex, or longstanding, it is often best to see your Doctor.

Are you aware you can book an appointment with our Mental Health Specialist without seeing a GP first?

This service is available for patients aged 16-64 who are not currently being seen by NHS Mental Health Services. If you are worried about your mental health, feeling overwhelmed or low and needing to talk to someone about seeking relevant support please ask the receptionist for an appointment with our mental health specialist.

We aim to provide all of our patients with a comprehensive range of healthcare services covering one-off problems to longer term illnesses. Feel free to explore the site and find out how you and your family can benefit from our personal and professional approach to healthcare provision.

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